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I am so happy this community exists. :'D

Also suck it, FFVII fans, we got a remake of FFX.
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24 July 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Games are drugs. I knew it before but... couldn't understand. ( http://game-era.com/feature/id/2 ) This is sad truth...
27 June 2006 @ 12:30 am
Okay, so last night at a bar my friend tried to explain ffvii to me. The conversation went sort of like this (paraphrased because I don't have a photographic memory. Cloud probably does though because he is 1337):

Me: FFX is far better than FFVII.
Him: How is it? FFVII is the best game ever!
Me: Why?
Him: It has a great plot and great characters!
Me: Why's the plot great?
Him: It's so deep and the love triangle is cool!
Me: Really? Then explain it to me please, because so far all I can tell is that Cloud fights a white-haired guy and the Mary Sue dies.

So he explained the entire plot to me.

I'm still not playing it. XD Don't get me wrong, I'm close to this guy and our disagreement on this topic is a source of amusement to us. He's also probably better at videogames than me (though that doesn't take much). But I'm not playing FFVII. XD

He thinks he could beat Sephiroth with a key in KH2.

I don't think so.
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23 June 2006 @ 03:08 pm
I just thought this was ridiculous as well as funny so thought I'd share. About a month after AC came out my sister was in high obsession. She still has her forum rants about the game, but I now classify her as a noobish FFVII-fangirl, seeing as she is.

So on a day like any other, she's going on and on about how amazing AC is and how I have to see it because of the action scene where Rufus fires a shotgun after jumping off a building and has no recoil (that would only make me bitch more about how unrealistically portrayed everything is. Ahh~ I love bringing physics into a conversation about a fantasy game... but it DOESN'T. MAKE. SENSE! And therefore does not work). I reply with my usual "No way, no how. Just shut the hell up." and she finally exclaims to me that I am one of those "bad" FFVII haters.

My first reaction to this was "Compared to what? Someone who hates the game but enjoys playing it? Let's hear her reasoning...". She goes on to say that even though most people hated the game, they anticipated, watched and enjoyed the movie. They were "good" FFVII haters.

Ok...... WHAT?! Boycotting naturally goes along with a dislike for something. She expects me to like something just because she does? No, how about I shove my head into a furnace, that sounds like more fun. But the best part of it was how hypocritical she was being. She herself refuses to watch something just because she, say, doesn't like Ben Stiller! And disses and ridicules a movie she hasn't seen just because "Ben Stiller sucks and it looks stupid." So where is she to talk?

So she finally gave up exclaiming "Never mind, even if I let you watch it you'd dislike it anyway because you want to." But hey, I'd dislike it even if I was toked up on mary jane, so let her believe what she wants, right?
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22 June 2006 @ 11:58 am
Okay, so it's June, and posts are few and far between on this place, but I stumbled across the community while searching for Final Fantasy icon communities to shamelessly plug my icon journal too, and as usual, I got sidetracked when I found an anti-ffvii community. And then I thought "Oooh, so I'm not diseased. Other people don't like it either!"

I'm going to bore you with my long, rambling opinions now! =D

When I was a few years younger, I hung around with a mixed group of girls AND boys. The boys shared my Final Fantasy interest, and one day they mentioned ffvii. When I told them I'd never played it before and didn't know what it was about, they all spazzed as if I'd killed someone and demanded that I play it. So I did. Well... I didn't actually complete it because I'm lame that way. I got as far as the revelation of Sephiroth's EVAL past and got bored.

So I told them that and they howled. However, I was interested when Advent Children was announced, because I'm a bit of a sucker for eye candy. So when my sister got the DVD, I was just as eager to watch it as she was.

I was -so- disappointed. It was dull, it was lifeless, and the only thing worth looking at was Reno's 'do. I thought I might even become a Kadaj fangirl, but not so! He pissed me off with his whining. Cloud pissed me off with his overgrown emo act. Tifa pissed me off because NOBODY has boobs like that, Aeris... didn't annoy me TOO much because she only had six seconds worth of screentime... SEPHIROTH! He was SO not cool. Even my guy friends, who came to my house to watch it, just sat there after it was over until one of them said, "...WHAT?!"

Let's have a FFVIII movie already! XD Or a Kingdom Hearts movie in a distant future... What? I told you I like prettiness! And there's something beautifully nostalgic about KH that gives me the shivers. FFVIII, well, okay, Rinoa needs to be burned. But other than that it was okay.

I'm worried to say I enjoyed the Square Enix games that so many people did NOT like:
FFIX ("It's was too easy and the characters looked weird lol!") - Well excuse me if you're too 1337 to play it. I found it charming. XD
FFX ("Turn based battle SUX hurr) - But the characters actually have some depth to them, especially for some reason Yuna, the games token Mary Sue. They killed her in X-2. That game made me want to claw my own eyes out.
Kingdom Hearts ("ZOMG itz 4 kidz!") - Lighten up!! XD

I actually have this friend who gets ANGRY at me when he asks me what I was up to today and I reply "I play FFIX/FFX/Whatever for a bit). Seriously, he yells at me and tells me to play the vastly superior ffvii. And if I tell him I don't like it, he laughs and says something along the lines of girl gamers being all the same and about how girls suck at video games. No, just no. Girls (and non-jackassy guys) just have enough brain power to look for something a bit more than ridiculous, overdone fight scenes in a story to make it enjoyable.

Wow, that was a LONG rant.

I'm gonna shut up now. XD
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New member here. The name is Shay, and I have seen this community once or twice before jumbled in with others as a part of a sort of surfing problem I have. My story is thus: I have recently been forced into possession on the ‘classic game that put Square on the map’. A friend whose brother is a natural gamer fills her in on every little game, and then she reports to me. One day she says to me “Shay, you have to play this, it’s all the rage!”

So here I am, about a half-an-hour into the game and thinking ‘is this what everyone idolizes?’

I’d love for you all to read this recap of the game, it’s a horrifyingly splendid read.

Every second you spend not clicking, Sephiroth looses another brain cell to his hair.

Mind you, I don't hate this game, I just can't for one second hope to follow it or appreciate it as the top Final Fantasy game ever.

Hope you all don't mind my noobish writing,
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30 December 2005 @ 10:31 am
new person omigosh. :O my name is alexander. :)

i'm not exactly against the game, it kept me busy and i enjoyed playing it. but i DON'T like it being glorified as the best FF ever. they all had their good points that were enough to make them all the "best FFs ever". :/

i enjoy FF8 a little more than 7. :D

oh, and i should probably mention advent children, too. that sucked, really. i watched it, to see what it was like, but it's really not anything i liked. :/ it revolved around an emo cloud and not around anyone who was actually interesting.

last order bothered me too. well, i shouldn't say that; i laughed through the whole thing because it was just freaking goofy. @D~~

oh, and i absolutely love all the little fangirls who have never laid a finger on a game controller, but are soooo in love with Cloud/Reno/Kadaj/Tseng/who tf ever. it makes me feel good to throw crap about the game in their faces.

so. yeah. hi. :D
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01 October 2005 @ 09:56 pm
Okay, I realize I'm posting a lot, but it just goes to show how my hatred for the game has such an affect on my life. The gaming side, anyway.

I love to buy magazines. I don't even read them entirely. If I see an article in a gaming or anime magazine about something that strikes my interest, I buy it and read that much. I use it afterwards for the pictures, which I use as drawing references, or funny quirks (especially in Anime Insider). I haven't gotten a magazine since... before Advent Children was announced. Everytime I pick up a magazine, they have some exclusive or review of the damn thing. It drives me crazy, I don't even want to see that crap much less read about it.

I made the mistake of buying an AI last week. Last month's had AC stuff in it, and I took the time to skip the page it was on so I wouldn't get myself worked up over nothing. This months mag, though, I didn't anticipate. There was an article about AC, a line of action figures, and a cover for next month. I got unneccessarily worked up and haven't touched it since.

I was looking for my comics today: Gambit (is that series done?) and Birds of Prey (haven't seen one in months). When my attempt to find them failed yet again, I took a peek over at the gaming magazines. I saw PSM... interesting. I picked it up, looked at the contents of the disc, saw AC, put it down and left the store. Again, unneccessarily getting worked up over nothing. I don't even know why it bothers me to see anything for it, anymore. I'm getting sick of not only seeing AC and FFVII everywhere, but hating it so much. Sometimes I wish I could just be a mindless fanboy like everyone else so I wouldn't carry so much hate in me. Then again, I like my mind to remain pure and untainted...
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23 September 2005 @ 12:07 pm
So my sister tells me about Cloud getting shot and stabbed throughout these sequels. He gets stabbed in the gut by Sephiroth, and lives! He gets shot in the face... and lives! It's insane! Why?! WHY DOESN'T HE JUST DIE SO WE CAN BE HAPPY?! *ahem* So my sister has a theory (she also dislikes FFVII, but... for some reason...) that Cloud has evolved to a level beyond sucking, where he can't die. I like her theory, but in reality, I'd say that the fanboy give him power. Cloud's a vampire, yes.
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20 September 2005 @ 10:44 pm
My sister is watching Advent Children. I still refuse to watch it, even though Rufus (who was a halfway decent character) is in it. She's sending me some... Last Order? Zack anime 30 minute short. Zack wasn't interesting either, I must say. And Cloud's popularity and *ahem... coughs* "Coolness" were all stolen off him. I'm going to watch it, since she's making the effort. I'm asuming it'll be like you say, sorceress. Pointless and overly drawn out action scenes with no plot... and probably little talking. But I'll watch it anyway, and report back.

Also, why can't they make a FFVI, IV, or VIII movie? Nono, show or game. Movies are too short to have a decent storyline (sometimes length doesn't mean anything if you're gonna run around and do mini-games and confuse the player for 40 hours). Did anyone go to the GIA? After FFVIII was released, they posted this april fool's joke about a game called FF8 Gaiden, which retold the story but in Seifer's Point of View. That would be nice... a start, at least...
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19 September 2005 @ 03:34 pm
I'm still amused over the majority of the arguements I dealt with in the past for Advent Children.

"It'll have a good plot and will explain so many things that the game didn't explain! That's why I am waiting for it!"

... and what do I hear now about it?

"There wasn't much of a plot but the fight scenes rocked!"

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18 September 2005 @ 05:40 pm
Hello all, I thought I'd join in the hate. I can see that this community is nowhere near as large as the "FFVII is god" community, but that's just how it is. The world is full of mindless idiots who will believe everything they're told.

When I first played FFVII, it wasn't anything special. I merely played a demo of it at a friend's house, but something about it bothered me. I had previously played FFs I, II/IV and III/VI, and enjoyed them thoroughly (As I still do today). I passed VII off as average and moved onto other things, without feeling any need to buy the game or play more. It didn't seem worth getting a PS over (I only had N64 at this time). When the commercials for FFVIII came on TV, I got very psyched up about it, and bought a playstation and the game just because my anticipation and excitement couldn't be contained. My mother bought FFVII for my sister for her birthday, which was right around FFVIII's release. I never touched the game, and neither did my sister, for there was a much better game to be played at the moment. Eventually, she got around to it, but I was still obsessed with VIII.

Around the year 2001, I began visitting forums and other online communities. I noticed something wrong right away: There was a huge fanbase for FFVII, and a small one for VIII. It didn't make sense to me. VII was... average, at best, and VIII was like my one love. Yet people hated the game, why? I tried to understand it, but could never come into the same views as others. For months upon months, it was all "FFVII this" and "FFVII that", and I figured it was time to try the actual game instead of just the demo. It started off fairly interesting. I liked it, to begin with. Once the characters left Midgar, it was all downhill. Suddenly the story became almost if not completely inexistant, and I was just running from town to town doing random, pointless things. This was what everyone was so obsessed over? It was pathetic! Since then, the endless rants and praising of the game became more and more annoying, and though it can't make me hate the game (though my opinion of it is pretty shabby), I did hate the fanbase.

So I play every game I can get my hands on, and enjoy what I find enjoyable, regardless of anyone else's opinions. Especially when it comes to the FFs. For example, Ix didn't peek my interests, X needed much improvement, X-2 was lots of fun, XI got boring after a while, and I'm quite looking forward to XII (even though I'm not sure I should, considering past disappointments with Squaresoft and SquareEnix). I refuse to play FFVII for fear of one day being just like those I hate the most. That game should have never been made, and never deserved the attention it gets. If it didn't exist today, my life both online and off would be a much happier and more enjoyable experience.
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17 September 2005 @ 09:32 pm
Dear Square-Enix,

You have several other wonderful titles that you can chose to make cool movies, sequel games and a lot of merchandise from. Contrary to popular belief, Final Fantasy 7 is not the only stupid enough fandom out there that you can rip money from. Try making a sequel from a game that is old but has a lot of fans and make sure it doesn't make a laughingstock out of the series. Make a movie out of a game that actually has a good plot and awesome characters.

If I see one more Final Fantasy 7 game released, I'm going to cry. I wonder what's next, a Final Fantasy VII patch that allows Final Fantasy XI users to have their sprites look like Cloud and Sephiroth? Oh joy.

Love your-'I'm tired of FFVII crap!' fan,
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